1. jQuery and jQuery UI are amazing tools. They shouldn’t be used everywhere by default, but they do allow some complex stuff to be made extremely fast.

  2. Finally figured out how to persuade my oven to get hot enough to bake decent pizza — needs 10mins in fan+broiler mode, then fan oven at top temp until heated sufficiently.

  3. bookmarklet: drag this to your bookmarks bar for one-click mf2 parsing:

    View microformats2

    Code (readable):

    javascript:(function() {
    	if(document.location.hostname == 'pin13.net' && document.location.pathname == '/mf2/') {
    		document.location.href = decodeURIComponent(document.location.search.slice(5));
        } else {
        document.location.href = 'http://pin13.net/mf2?url=' + encodeURIComponent(document.location.href);
  4. Brennan Novak: Thank you @WillardFoxton for referring to my people (software devs) as "exceptionally dull weirdos." You sir, have a way with words and are clearly aware of what's going on in the world. Thank you for your valuable insights.

    Brennan Novak is that a reply-context I see there?

  5. with every step relearn how to walk
    with every note relearn how to play
    with every word relearn how to write
    with every bite relearn how to taste
    with every blink relearn how to see
    with every breath relearn how to live
    with every character relearn how to type

    it is easier to change your environment than your mind
    let repetition amplify small changes
    learn how to learn
    then relearn it