1. Just implemented notifications in ! I get a native, first-class notification when I’m mentioned. Really easy to do with the notification API: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/notification

    Update: demo video!

    1. Navigating to my homepage and granting notification permissions
    2. Native notification from iTunes for comparison
    3. Notification of a new comment from KartikPrabhu (thanks for helping demo!)
    4. The notification is a proper, first-class notification in notification centre

    Not shown: clicking on the notification navigates to the source of the mention.

  2. Accidentally left pizza dough fermenting+resting whilst watching 2hr movie, wondering whether this will affect stretching/baking behaviour…

  3. Only we know how we actually think and what we actually believe. Everyone else has to infer it from how we express ourselves. If we find ourself contradicting other people’s interpretations of our expressions it is likely they were ineffective.

  4. Heading off to see DJ Geimskip og Flugvél (amongst others) at Café Rosenberg later. Come along if you’re in town!

  5. Got lightblue+bluez set up on the raspberry pi, successfully paired and connected with Macbook. Not so much success communicating, sockets only worked one way, and the OS X doesn’t seem to be able to connect to services advertised on the pi despite being able to see that they exist. Also got started with USB programming in python with pyusb — is complex, but less so than I expected.

  6. Apparently we, as an industry, are over the whole ninja/rockstar thing and have moved onto “mountaineer” weworkremotely.com/jobs/472

    “Why yes, my company are interested in hiring PHP-based sailors and javascript treeclimbers. Bring your ropes to the interview, you’re going to need them.”

  7. Spent the afternoon updating lightblue to build on Mac OS 10.9, successfully managed to discover+communicate with a bunch of devices around the office! Next up: serving HTTP over Bluetooth.

  8. Mocking up what an subscription UI could look like:

    A personal site optionally has a homepage feed, as well as linking from the homepage to other pages with some rel value. When asked to subscribe to a URL, if a feed reader finds these links, it shows a UI a list of the linked feeds, with “Homepage” (any posts found on the page) automatically selected.

    The user can then select/deselect feeds, with the preview updating to reflect what the subscription will look like. The selection dialog could either be a modal which goes away once confirmed, or it could be a collapsable panel in the feed column, which has the nice side effect of putting the preview directly where it will be seen, in context.

    Additionally, either the personal site could mark up, or the feed reader detect, special feeds such as personal metrics feeds, and treat those differently.

  9. Woke up, saw bright sun from window — “great, I’ll go rock jumping at Perlan”. Made breakfast (5 mins), hailing on other side of the house. Ate breakfast (5 mins), now snowing. Wrote this note (30 secs), now sunny again.