1. A little-appreciated benefit of (British) English speakers learning a european language: you can look up recipes in that language and be guaranteed that they’ll use metric units

  2. Took a friend’s advice and abandoned my sadly gone-off sourdough culture. The new one has started very different in character to any of my previous cultures — not very bitter, quite fruity, and lots of bubbles. It might be due to this one being a lot wetter in consistency, whereas previous cultures were very thick.

  3. Kitchen disaster strikes! It turns out that the low melting point of chocolate in the mixture causes it to melt and flow out of the batter whilst frying, resulting in some vaguely chocolatey batter shells and guilty-looking chocolatey oil.

    Paying more attention to the second batch results in some passable fried chocolate milk. Looks like success here is a matter of very thick filling and precise frying timing.

  4. Tonight I shall be combining my two favourite @sumendirest recipes to create the single most unhealthy thing I’ve ever cooked: Fried Chocolate Milk!

    I made the main mixture yesterday and it’s been cooling in the fridge. Now for the fun part: frying.

  5. Also last night: second try cooking horse meat from kolaportið — attempting to make edible via boiling on low heat for 4 hours. Afterwards it was significantly more tender but still fairly disgusting — would not recommend buying. Maybe as dogfood.

  6. Black sesame seed ice cream went down well at the office, has replaced chocolate as my favourite ice cream flavour (those of you have eaten ice cream with me will get how big a deal that is)

  7. Roopa Gulati: @BarnabyWalters I love the way you combine fabulous experimental food with technical computer coding!

    @roopagulati thanks! Currently mainly working on improving my pizza technique — I can do pretty good sourdough bases now, just bought a pizza stone and it’s had a huge effect. Pizza is now crispy but flexible and a little charred on the bottom.

  8. Finished off a tiring 15000 step day with my best Spanish-style hot chocolate yet: milk, cornstarch, vanilla, dark chocolate, cinnamon, himalayan salt, a little licorice, masala curry powder and crumbled walnuts. mmmmmmmm.