1. Verantstaltung: Musikantenstammtisch/Tanz in Lebensmittelpunkt Griese Gegend

    Wo: Lebensmittelpunkt Griese Gegend, Kirchplatz 9, Lübtheen

    Wann: bis ??:??


    Traditionelle Musik, Lied und Tanz Session! Jeder wilkommen, komm einfach vorbei. Lieber akustischen Instrumenten.

  2. Event: Tanzimpro/Balfolk Workshop in Múltí Kúltí

    When: Saturday the 26th of March 15:00 until 18:00

    Where: Múltí Kúltí, Barónsstígur 3, Reykjavík


    Tanzimpro (“Traditional European Dance-improvisation, also known as “balfolk” or “eurodance”) is a form of music and dance which has evolved all over Europe for centuries, and continues to do so today. Casting aside the nationalism, gender roles and silly costumes so commonly associated with “folk dance”, tanzimpro focuses on the intense, flowing connection between dancers, music and musicians as everyone involved improvises and reacts to each other.

    If that sounds like fun, come along and learn the basic grooves for a variety of common dances (wickler/slängpolska, schottisch, polka, waltz, mazurka, polska… if we have time!) as well as techniques for building connection with your partner and the music, and ideas for improvisation and variations.

    No need to bring a dance partner along if you don’t have one, you’ll probably end up dancing with everyone anyway :)

    Entry is free, donations for the musicians and dance leader are gladly accepted.


    Barnaby Walters (Hodgepig, Buzz, Duo Gerhardt & Walters) is a hurdy gurdy player and builder who, after spending ten years playing various folk and traditional music, discovered tanzimpro two years ago and wondered what he had been doing with his life for the previous eight years. Trying to make up for lost time, he has since danced and played for dancing in Iceland, Turkey, France, England, Germany and Austria, most recently as half of Duo Gerhardt & Walters.

    Benjamin Bech (Bech and Bomholt, PÚLK, Vildspil, Tyrolerband) is an excellent dancer and clarinet player from Denmark, currently researching Icelandic traditional dance music.

  3. Event: Tanz auf dem Kornboden

    Duo Gerhardt und Walters (me and Philipp) are playing dance music from Mecklenburg on bagpipes and hurdy gurdy in the Neumühle on the 3rd of October! If you’re in the Brömsenberg/Lübtheen/Schwerin/Hamburg area, come and dance!

    Dance introduction course at 18:30, concert at 20:00, entry free. Cakes and suchlike available to buy, eat and then deposit the remains in our shiny new composting toilet!

    (ha ha, uh, that got weird quickly)

    Neumühle, Ausbau 10, 19249 Lübtheen — once you find Brömsenberg, look for the big red mill. It is quite hard to miss.

    We have a band photo now! I think that means we’re officially a band, or something.

    RSVP on Facebook if that’s your thing. You can also like our page, which apparently means something!

  4. Several gigs upcoming in the next couple of months! The first is on the , St. Mary’s Church, Totnes @ 11:00 - , £5 on the door. The second is in early March in Kingskerswell, I’ll keep you posted for details! Or email me at barnaby@waterpigs.co.uk to join the Buzz mailing list (we will never spam you).

  5. In the evening () I’m off to a neo-folk session at the Steam Packet Inn, Totnes, with Robin from and some other musicians. Come along if you’re interested in playing trad/new trad/new medieval tunes!