1. Travelling around Europe always leaves me with intense motivation to learn languages. Currently riding the wave by getting back onto icelandiconline.is (low priority but I’m immersed every day) and starting German on Duolinguo (higher priority but no immersion at the moment).

  2. My 2hr Norwegian airlines connection from LGW to CPH showed a bunch of short films instead of a long movie. Amongst them was the single best piece of animation I’ve ever seen: Rabbit and Deer:

    Everything about this is perfectly executed — the story, the animation, the art styles. It almost makes me want to start animating again, except that it’d take years to make something half as good.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the soundtrack on the plane because the armrest headphone jack didn’t work. At the time I was listening to “The Blackleg Miner” by Appletwig Songbook (here’s a different version), which created this bizzare mental association between an old miners song and this piece of animation.

  3. Good pre-travel baking: Granola with @brennannovak of @rvkgranola, and Germknödel second attempt — first try wasn’t much good, this time they worked perfectly, expanding to twice their original size! First time I’ve managed to make a boiled dumpling with a bready texture.

  4. Aaron Parecki: @BarnabyWalters Also worst case you can just print it out again at the terminal.

    @aaronpk whaaaaa

    You realise that in my mind this attitude basically makes you some sort of fearless adventurer wizard hero, who, ARMED with his MAGIC LIGHTS, fears not the CHECK-IN DESK and FLYING METAL BOXES and requires no A4 SHIELD to ward off the spectres of GETTING LOST IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY

  5. Aaron Parecki: @BarnabyWalters You still print your boarding pass on paper? ;-) I stick to magic lights all the way through.

    @aaronpk oh wow, I would be terrified that the magic lights would break or not work or run out of power or get lost or crash. I trust paper waaaay more than magic lights and can’t travel without my wad of A4 pieces of paper :)

  6. Genuine question to people who a lot: does the whole “pressing buttons and making lights change colour, then printing the results out onto A4 sheets of paper which magically enable you to travel to different countries” thing ever stop feeling profoundly weird?

  7. The fact that pressing buttons and watching lights on a screen change lets me fly to another country still weirds me out.

  8. Weird luggage on my KEF flight: overly decorative trophy in hand luggage, two tatty cardboard boxes held together with tape in hold luggage. Apparently this is a thing now.