1. How to make kiwi cake:

    1. Find other fruit cake recipes
    2. Replace other fruit with kiwis
    3. PROFIT

    But in all seriousness, I just made one (based off this recipe, using three kiwis) and it was acceptable. Quite structurally insound, and not nearly as green as I had hoped, but tastes adequately like kiwis and very moist.

  2. Finally figured out how to persuade my oven to get hot enough to bake decent pizza — needs 10mins in fan+broiler mode, then fan oven at top temp until heated sufficiently.

  3. I think I just tried to make @nerdhaus quiche. Whether or not I accept that interpretation of the past as canon depends mainly on the degree of misshapenness of whatever it is coming out of the oven in a few minutes.

  4. Conversation in the kitchen with one of my housemates — she noted that I baked a lot and asserted that I was “housy… like a housewife” because of it. Yay archaic gender stereotypes :/

    A productive evening’s baking was had nonetheless — three bagels, ~20 kanilsnuðar and one oddly shaped pizza.

  5. Fresh out of the oven: Kanilsnúðar!

    They’re a little small, I think I need to make double quantities next time! Or, roll the dough thicker and make fewer.

    I followed this recipe. The Hjartasalt really does puff them up nicely!