1. My geeky system datetime format: longnow variant ISO8601 dates with ordinal day of year:

    02015-01-30 (030)

    Protip: leave out the longnow preceding 0 in the short/medium formats as otherwise the created/modified datetimes in the Finder column view will be truncated to just the date by default.

  2. Mac OS 10.6 spaces vs 10.9 full-screen apps/desktops — switching gestures a welcome addition, but muscle memory persistent “physical” location lost, replaced by ambiguous time-based UI which does exactly what you mean half of the time, and causes flow-breaking confusion+excise the rest of the time

  3. Anyone know of an iPhoto-like application which progressively enhances the filesystem instead of lumping photos into an application-specific blob of magic?

  4. Optimal video-splitting workflow on a mac:

    1. In Logic/QuickTime 7, figure out each of the ranges of video you want
    2. Open the movie in QuickTime 10
    3. Cmd + T to enter trim mode
    4. Set the handles to your range
    5. Cmd + shift + S to save as
    6. Close movie (export will continue)
    7. Repeat from 2 until complete