1. After almost two years of mainly playing the gurdy and recorder, I can feel the accordion calling me again. It’s saying “Remember all that stuff you miss, like chords, polyphony and 4 octaves range? I can do that! Pick me! Pick meeeeee!”

  2. Aitor García Rey: @BarnabyWalters Do they have rennet at Burið!?! I didn’t know! A few desserts for next @SumendiRest have become suddenly possible… thanks!

    @_aitor welcome back! Yep, I spent several hours today on a wild goose chase which led me to Burið and now have a small vat of Skyr curing. Looking forward to tasting the Sumendi desserts, and I actually have one I’d like you to sample: an evolution of your hot chocolate recipe with some Icelandic influences…

  3. Yesterday I dug out this rather odd track from January:

    It was recorded after a visit to Hayling Island, wherein we found an assortment of sea creatures, all of whom, according to tradition, were called Gordon. One was alive, and thus the tune was named.

  4. It’s a strange feeling to open Logic and find a recording you don’t remember making of a rather beautiful mazurka…

  5. yiddishsong.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/di-gantse-velt-iz-hevl-havolim-performed-by-lillian-manuel has some interesting background about the song “Hevl iz Havolim”, and one of the comments has what appears to be a quite extensive translation, but of a different version — it doesn’t translate the two longer verses in the middle of the version the Klezmatics sing.

    That version is covered by this klesmer-musik.de/hevl_iz_havolim.htm German version, which seems to line up better with the sung lyrics, but Google-translated the middle verses are still rather vague. I suspect they’re using idioms and imagery which does not easily translate word-for-word.

  6. type=image/gif: @BarnabyWalters hello sir. Your name came up multiple times at #indiewebcamp in a positive light, so thought I'd say hi!

    @_jden hello! Been away for three weeks, good to see indiewebcamp went well (as always), I was sorry to have missed it but hope to come to IWC UK.

  7. @kartik_prabhu amazing work overall! This is one of my favourite parts though — the fact that fragmention comments fall back gracefully if they’re not supported on either side, and yet all the data required to present them is preserved, so future updates can retro-actively put old marginalia in the right place!

    I wonder how tricky it would be to implement this on the comment publisher side too — detecting fragmention URLs and tailoring the reply context content…

  8. Amber Case: 8 hours of hand beading later... Actually that was quite relaxing! Doing something in the real world is a very nice counter to software.

    @caseorganic beautiful! Yup, it’s very healthy and grounding to make physical things after computering a lot.

  9. Aaron Parecki: @BarnabyWalters Also worst case you can just print it out again at the terminal.

    @aaronpk whaaaaa

    You realise that in my mind this attitude basically makes you some sort of fearless adventurer wizard hero, who, ARMED with his MAGIC LIGHTS, fears not the CHECK-IN DESK and FLYING METAL BOXES and requires no A4 SHIELD to ward off the spectres of GETTING LOST IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY