Barnaby Walters

Arranging atoms and pressurising air in a variety of manners, such as:

Pronouns: they/he

  1. Come when I Call You

    Woody Guthrie/The Klezmatics 2/2 Fm

    F|"Fm"Fc c3/ c/|"Eb"Bd "Fm"cc|c2 F F/ "Eb" A/-|A B2 B|"Fm" F c2 c|B dc2||
  2. Opinions about as a place to learn Icelandic online? Been working through the lessons on-and-off over the past few weeks and, despite atrocious UI design and hilariously bad videography have found it adequate for a free resource. The fact that it’s completely in Icelandic is also nice.

  3. “[Whilst] rational actor models are, in themselves, morally blameless… …the use of such models to change the world is not morally neutral. Rational-actor models are metaphorical human constructions humanly imposed. They are not a feature of the world in itself. They can be used insightfully or not, fruitfully or not. How we choose to use them is not a “rational choice” as defined in the models. Not to understand this is truly irrational” — Lakoff & Johnson, Philosophy in the Flesh

  4. Today in “things I have typed instead of import”: imprto, improt, implore

    I actually quite like how implore pandas looks in my code.

  5. Has anyone published research into the of URLs? Specifically interested in how people understand, relate to and interact with URLs. Hav found some talks and blog posts but not much actual data.

  6. @acegiak that’s hilarious — OTTOMH, h-review p-rating is assumed to be between 0 and 5 as a fallback if no best/worst are given (and even if just best is given, 0 could be assumed to be “worst”). So you could totally publish something like:

    <span class="p-rating">1</span>/<span class="p-best">10</span>
  7. θourg̊nir: @adrianshort My concern is mainly holding ownership over the material being syndicated to social media. Does #indieweb solva that for me?

    @thorgnyr content syndicated to silos is subject to their terms as usual, but you choose what you syndicate — e.g. for a photo you could just syndicate the name/caption and a link back to the original (same with articles or longer notes and replies, like this one)

  8. Broken your mac by removing the execute permissions on /bin/bash, or otherwise need to get shell access to fix something? (Say, for example, you were foolishly trying to patch shellshock). Don’t worry! It’s concerningly easy.

    1. Reboot your mac holding down Cmd+R
    2. Go Utilites → Terminal
    3. You’re currently in a recovery partition. cd /Volumes/Macintosh HD/bin
    4. Do whatever you need to do to fix your machine, e.g. chmod a+x bash
    5. Restart, and everything should be fine.