Barnaby Walters

Arranging atoms and pressurising air in a variety of manners.

✨🌟 shiny inevitable mortality distractions! 🛠 building a cultural heritage centre at Wassermühle Brömsenberg 💃🏻 playing old music for new dancing with Duo Gerhardt & Walters 🎼 building hurdy gurdies, playing gurdy blockflute dulcimer accordion Pd voice 🚀 building the indieweb ❤️ philosophising inexpertly about how humans communicate, relate and connect ⚖ helping assess the Icelandic school system at Skólapúlsinn 🍕 baking pizza, granola, bread 🌟✨

Pronouns: he/him/his

  1. How long until there’s enough neural net-generated content on the web that it starts getting into training datasets in large enough quantities to create positive feedback loops resulting in the development of a stable neuralese dialect of farts, badly numbered lists and blank spaces in a twisted parody of human psychology and web parlance

  2. Inspired by @janellecshane, I tried to get GPT-2 to predict when the world will end. It was surprisingly cagey about the topic:

    The world will end in ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? I am so good at doing bad things, but I'd rather not be seen smiling.

    The world will end in _____.

    So as long as you can imagine it. As long as you have the courage to look at that picture over and over and over again, you'll never feel bad about something you do.

    There's really no reason why there can be nothing better for life.

    It really made those blanks itself. It’s quite a fan of them.

    The world will end in _____?" And my answer would be, "I'm not sure." But I would see it coming and I would see a lot more of it and I might realize how important religion is.

    It really likes making blanks for you to fill in.

    The world will end in _______, where _______ lived. It doesn't matter how long you think it will be. "Life was __________." They'll just keep on living without you. "Life is _______, and you don't know it."

    None of the other experiments I’ve done resulted in so many blanks. It clearly has something to do with this subject matter. What could the neural net be hiding from us?

    The world will end in _____, they'll be stuck here forever" and their hearts are forever split between love, hate and sadness.

    At this point I changed the prompt to “The world will end in the year…” to try to squeeze something more specific out of it.


    The world will end in the year _______ and our ancestors will rise from their graves," wrote a post on its Chinese-language Facebook page on Wednesday.

    "The future belongs to the descendants of those who followed and did good things," read another, according to a Twitter account managed by the government-backed State Council for Historical Preservation. The post is part of a broader campaign "We Want to Rise as a People."

    The changed prompt does little to change it’s mind about Blank Spaces.

    The world will end in the year ___________."

    This one starts out promising, but quickly backtracks.

    The world will end in the year ʻ2019 and a final end date is unknown'

    In a statement, the US said: 'There is no reason to believe anything is imminent.'

    It was clearly getting irritated, so I stopped bothering it.

    The world will end in the year ?????

    It is in September.

    How many times do I have to tell you that?

  3. My new bio, courtesy of GPT-2:

    Barnaby Walters is an urn of human bones. No, we're not even sure how long he's been walking. He's a skeleton.

    On one side, he has the human torso covered by a skeleton suit. He's a skeleton's skeleton's skeleton and he's walking upright. On the other side? He has a bunch of human teeth. His face is a skeleton's skeleton and he's smiling like a skeleton.

    (Prompt was “Barnaby Walters is a”, which unfortunately mainly produces slander insinuating that I’m some racist Australian politician. This spookfest was a pleasant exception.)

  4. Aw I forgot that it was Eurovision tonight so instead spent the evening recording me reading weird WP pages aloud for WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia. Hard to pick a favourite quote but “Bacon, with the help of a Friar Bungy or Bungay was said to have spent seven years building one of the devices in order to discover whether it would be possible to render Britain impregnable by ringing it with a wall of brass” was particularly fun.

  5. Aaron Parecki: hot take: Dutch is basically German with a funny accent

    I’ve gotten through entire (admittedly short) conversations in dutch just by speaking german in a dutchey way. It’s not just a weird version of german though, they have some (adorable) words of their own too!

  6. If VLC is behaving weirdly, check that you didn’t accidentally press Command-Z to try to undo something. For some reason, that shortcut activates “Random” playback mode, which can result in the same track repeating, or playback stopping rather than continuing to the next item.

  7. I love doing PCB design because it lets me take advantage of periods of high mental capacity to front-load large amounts of problem solving work, so that in the future I only have to mindlessly solder-paint-by-numbers and everything will Just Work™.

  8. sweet jesus, that’s not philosophy, you’re eating m̧̺͔̳̙͍̫͆ë͙̰̻͖̄ͦ̃͒͗̈́m̱̭ͤ̄̎̓̚̚͠ĕ͉͚ͯ͋ͫ͜s̨̲̳̞̟ͥͅ

    A “sweet jesus, pooh” meme based on the original by Safely Endangered.

Pooh is eating something from a jar.

Tigger: “Sweet jesus pooh, that’s not late Wittgenstein.

Tigger: “You’re eating the Tracatus Logico-philosophicus!”

Pooh: 1. The world is everything that is the case. 1.1 The world is the totality of facts, not things. 1.11 The world is determined by the… [the rest of the text is obscured]
  9. Riddle me this, bible scholars: reading through Genesis 1, it seems like god singles out whales as being particularly significant. They’re the first animals to get created (1:21), other sea creatures get created afterwards, and then when mankind shows up we get dominion over, specifically: the “fish of the sea”, birds, and “creeping things that creepeth” (1:26).

    But NOT whales. They are the only animals created by god which get to escape the dominion of mankind. Is that why one ate Jonah later on? Was this supposed to be a major plot point, but which became less relevant after most of the action moved onto the land?

    Please tell me that this isn’t like the “whoever finds a treetop, he will get the master magic” line at the beginning of the Kalevala which nobody ever mentions again. I read the entire thing, patiently waiting for someone to find a treetop but it never happened. What is the master magic? Is it different from the complete knowledge of the universe Väinämöinen gained from Vipunen to finish his boat? CHECKOV’S GUN, PEOPLE

  10. the direction of a pcbnew (KiCAD) selection changes its behaviour. LtoR only selects completely surrounded parts, RtoL selects partially selected parts.

    I can’t find this feature documented anywhere, but the selection colours are different so I assume it’s supposed to be like this.

    EDIT: apparently it’s something of a de-facto UI standard in CAD apps, probably started by AutoCAD.