Barnaby Walters

Arranging atoms and pressurising air in a variety of manners, such as:

Pronouns: he/him/his

  1. In lieu of being able to sing together with people this winter, I transcribed Thomas Ravenscroft’s “Remember, O Thou Man” carol (from Melismata, 1611) into 4-shape notation.

    I left in most of the notational oddities and old spelling, although I did fill in the missing bar in the alto part with what seems to be the generally accepted version. The empty bar at the beginning is necessary to persuade Musescore to let me notate a dorian piece in 4-shape notation — that’s also why the second system has the wrong key signature (it doesn’t look like that in the editor, only the export.) Hopefully they will either fix that soon, or I’ll find a good way of getting ABC notation typeset in shapes.

    Anyway, here’s the score. Enjoy!

    Remember, O Thou Man.pdf

  2. New video: How to build a Chien (hurdy gurdy buzzing bridge)

    The article I wrote a few years ago is now available for your viewing pleasure.

  3. Are you as sick as I am of stupid modal pop-ups interrupting almost everything you try to do on the web these days? Here’s the email template I’ve started sending to any site owner who I think might be receptive about the issue. Feedback welcome.

    Hello NAME, I was just trying to read this article on your website: URL but stopped pretty quickly because of the annoying modal pop-up window which showed up a few seconds in. Decades worth of user research data has shown modal pop-ups to be a terrible, off-putting design pattern which will do nothing but irritate and drive away readers and users: Apologies for the weird email but I’m really sick of these annoying modals which pervade online life these days and decided that, in cases like this (where the website has an easily-reachable, potentially receptive contact person who is likely to both care about the issue and be able to implement a better solution) I would just write to them in the hope that it might result in the situation being improved. All the best, YOUR NAME
  4. Does anyone else get bizarre spam emails consisting of a single image with a bunch of chinese writing, then a long gap and around 10 paragraphs of text randomly excerpted from old books? It consistently gets past my spam filter and I still have no idea what it’s even trying to sell me.

  5. Today I realised I had never taken any good photos of this mountain dulcimer I built in 2016 as a warm-up project after moving to a new workshop.

  6. The 70s got me covered if I end up getting quarantined due to coronavirus. Unopened and in mint condition, I can rely on McDougall to see me through these hard times

  7. If VLC is behaving weirdly, check that you didn’t accidentally press Command-Z to try to undo something. For some reason, that shortcut activates “Random” playback mode, which can result in the same track repeating, or playback stopping rather than continuing to the next item.

  8. I love doing PCB design because it lets me take advantage of periods of high mental capacity to front-load large amounts of problem solving work, so that in the future I only have to mindlessly solder-paint-by-numbers and everything will Just Work™.

  9. sweet jesus, that’s not philosophy, you’re eating m̧̺͔̳̙͍̫͆ë͙̰̻͖̄ͦ̃͒͗̈́m̱̭ͤ̄̎̓̚̚͠ĕ͉͚ͯ͋ͫ͜s̨̲̳̞̟ͥͅ

    A “sweet jesus, pooh” meme based on the original by Safely Endangered.

Pooh is eating something from a jar.

Tigger: “Sweet jesus pooh, that’s not late Wittgenstein.

Tigger: “You’re eating the Tracatus Logico-philosophicus!”

Pooh: 1. The world is everything that is the case. 1.1 The world is the totality of facts, not things. 1.11 The world is determined by the… [the rest of the text is obscured]